James Hersch

About Me

Singer Songwriter, Minnesota, USA

I live on this piece of prairie. I'm passionate and dedicated to writing songs in hopes of singing them for people. I don't think I could continue without both ends of that process. Create then hope. It's here I write songs, and here I wait to sing them for others.

Listen to (or purchase) songs on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music; or reach out to me and I'll send you a CD or some sound files.

See more about my work:

2009 and 2012 52 Songs in 52 Weeks Projects

- and -

Cows, Bugs and Aardvarks - Noisy Songwriting with kids

I recorded a group of songs in the summer of 2021, many written for my concerts with storyteller Kevin Kling. I've put them out on the usual streaming services, as one does now with published recordings.

I'm also often a singer to kids in school these days, and my residencies lead them to look me up. It seems the algorithms used by Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music (among others) lands me in the Children's Music category. My work with kids, which I've loved, has the squirts seeking me online, which leads services to recommend children's music for James Hersch listeners, ignoring the majority of my songs. I wish they would point you to the songs more suited to those of us over the age of,oh let's say, 10.

Regardless, please come find me and listen to (or purchase) songs on Bandcamp, Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube; or reach out to me and I'll send you some sound files or even an old school CD.

Events 2022

      January 24 and 27 Oxbow Creek Elementary, Champlin, MN
      January 31 to February 4 Dayton Elementary, Champlin, MN
      March 7-8 Spirit Lake Elementary, IA
      March 28 to April 1 Wildwood Elementary, Mahtomedi, MN
      April 4-6 and 11-12 Lincoln Elementary, Anoka, MN
      May 3 Dayton Elementary, Champlin, MN
      May 5 Spirit Lake Elementary, IA
      May 12 Monroe Elementary, Brooklyn Park, MN
      May 19 Wildwood Elementary, Mahtomedi, MN
      June 1 Lincoln Elementary, Anoka, MN
      September 7 6:00 pm w/ Kevin Kling, Osseo, MN
      September 17 Outlaw Ranch Concert, Rapid City, SD

When the Pandemic kept me from performing live, I took to performing live from our porch.

80 livestreams kept my head in the game. You can view all of them here.

Music makes us better